About Katie

My Story


I became interested in how food affects our health at an early age when I was diagnosed with a dairy food intolerance at 11 years old. I had always suffered from chronic eczema and a permanent runny nose as a child. Having taken a food intolerance test, I radically changed my diet and took specific food supplements and as a result these issues which had plagued me during my early years soon healed.  


I worked in the corporate world in a Sales and Marketing role for over 10 years and therefore understand only too well the effect that a busy and stressful lifestyle can have on your health when the bad habits start to creep in and  reliance on caffeine and sugar keeps you going throughout the day. So in 2005, I decided to train as a Nutritional Therapist and follow my passion to help others discover how to restore their health through diet and understand the power of food.


My broad experience to date has involved running on site corporate workshops and seminars, delivering engaging and motivational talks on a wide range of nutritional subjects, running public courses on weight loss and wellbeing, working as a nutritionist for a well-known nutritional supplement company and writing for many  online, trade and consumer publications as well as more recently working as a Nutritionist for a leading UK health spa.


I am passionate about encouraging my clients to make positive and meaningful changes to their health without being overly restrictive and realistically taking into account busy lives. I also love giving talks and educating people on how to use their diet to boost their health and hearing their success stories.


Many clients often come to me as a last resort, having struggled in vain with complex health problems for many years. I recognise that everybody is different, and work with each individual to create bespoke strategies that are tailored to their unique needs and health objectives.


As well as running my own practice in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire  from Naturality Wellness Clinic and Carmenta Life Clinic . I also deliver seminars and talks for both corporate organisations and schools on their health and well-being agendas.



Digestive wellness

Children's Health

Weight Management

Food allergies & intolerances

Skin Health

Healthy cooking / meal planning

 Nutritional Testing