The wonders of Aloe Vera Gel - internally!

Most of the clients I come into contact with either professionally or friends often have various types of issues with their digestive health whether its not going regularly enough , embarrassing wind, cramps, bloating, reflux and the list goes on. Additionally, 'TATT' ( as I call it ) or otherwise know as 'Tired all the Time' syndrome is very commonplace.

One of the products that I love to have in my fridge at all times for any of the above and also to boost energy levels as well as my immune system (especially if I have been feeling run down) is Aloe Vera Gel. I also regularly recommend it to clients.

We know how good is it is for healing our sunburnt skin or taking the heat out of a rash. However taken internally Aloe Vera gel also has an amazingly wide range of health benefits. You can either drink it as a liquid gel or take a powdered supplement. It contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals, can balance our immune systems, help to balance blood sugar, but one of its major benefits is its positive impact on our digestive health. Aloe Vera can help to regulate stomach acid levels and regulate the levels of bacteria and yeast in the gut as well as providing a demulcent effect. This means that it may help heal ulcerations in the stomach or gut and soothe any irritable bowel symptoms. It can also be supportive for constipation as the aloin, an active ingredient found in the whole leaf, can help to stimulate bowel movement.

It boosts flagging energy levels and this may be down to its wide range of vitamins , containing the B group known for supporting energy levels and Vitamin C too. These are water soluble and therefore are not stored by the body so we need to top these up regularly. Aloe Vera Gel is also a very good source of minerals , this is because it tends to grow in areas where the soil is rich in minerals. It also contains polysaccharides ( long chain sugars) which are known to be very balancing for the immune system.

I am often being asked which brands to go for and I do believe that the quality of the brand is important. I always recommend Forever Living's brand, they use 100% Aloe Vera inner gel , without any herbicides or pesticides. It comes in a yellow square bottle and you will need to keep it in the fridge. I would recommend getting yourself a small measuring cup and having between 60-120 ml per day first thing in the morning.

The best way of getting hold of Forever Living Aloe Gel is via a local distributor. You may wish to try some of their other Aloe Vera body products too. You may know someone who is one a distributor locally or have a contact. If not, I do have a link online to a local distributor I use which you will see in the 'Links' tab on my website. If you would like to use this link , do contact me and I can provide you with a code to receive 10% discount.

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