New Test for IBS Sufferers

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Talking about bowel health is still a general taboo, although in my job as you can imagine it is pretty common place as it is an essential part of determining what is happening in a person’s gut.

The ‘gut’ has often been referred to as the second brain and digestion is in my opinion the cornerstone to good health.

As well as doing the essential job of absorbing our nutrients via our small intestine, we also hold 70% of our immune system in our gut , so it is imperative to look after it to help prevent us from becoming run down and to keep our general health in tip top condition.

Research suggests that the number of people suffering with IBS is higher than first thought and approximately 44% of people who have experienced IBS or other digestive health issues feel that more information and knowledge is required (1). GPs’ often put it down to stress or offer prescription medicine to suppress symptoms often without helping people to get the root of the problem.

In light of this, food intolerance specialists Lorisian offer 150 plus IBS Support which includes analysis of IgG antibody reactions to over 150 food and drink ingredients. It also specifically helps IBS sufferers because it provides a bespoke list of suitable low FODMAP foods which also take into account an individual's unique food and drink intolerances.

FODMAP’s (Fermentable, Oglio-, Di-, Mono-saccarides and Polyols ) are certain types of carbohydrates that are not easily absorbed in the small intestine, which then pass into the large intestine, where bacteria can ferment them. The combination of bacteria and FODMAP foods in the large intestine produces large amounts of gas that can result in symptoms of IBS such as bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and/or constipation. The Low FODMAP diet originated in Australia in 1991 and was developed by the Monash University Department of Gastroenterology in Melbourne. They found that reducing dietary FODMAPs can help people with IBS symptoms (2).

Dr Hilary Jones, TV Doctor comments; "Lorisian 150plus IBS Support could offer a lifeline to IBS sufferers who have found it difficult to find a solution and/or who would like to try to reduce or avoid medication. The FODMAP diet is gaining increasing interest, but it does not, however, take into account an individuals’ food and drink intolerances. By combining FODMAP advice alongside comprehensive food and drink intolerance testing, Lorisian provides a unique tailored solution which can hold the answer for those seeking a dietary solution for their IBS symptoms."

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  2. Gibson P and Shepherd S, 2010: Evidence-based dietary management of functional gastronintestinal symptoms: The FODMAP approach, J Gastoenterol Hepatol 25,252 B

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