DNA Testing – could finding out about your genes unlock the answer to your weight loss?

Nutrigenetics is the study of the effects that our individual genetic variations have on our response to our diet , exercise and lifestyle. Understanding personal genetics is an exciting new development in personal health and fitness. There are now tests available to help us use this information to take steps towards living a healthier life.

Find out if you have certain genetic risk factors, so you can make better lifestyle choices and appropriately monitor your health. The truth is there is no 'one size fits all' plan of managing our health, so knowing more about your DNA could help you to make informed choices for the diet and lifestyle that works best for you.

The DNA test I work with, uses over 47 genes and focuses on 13 key markers to help you grasp more about how nutrition and exercise can affect your body.

  • Find out your ideal diet type?

  • How your body digests and responds to carbohydrates

  • Are you efficient at getting fats from your diet?

  • Do you have a raised need for antioxidants, found in fresh fruit and vegetables which have a key role in removing free radicals and can be harmful to our health?

  • Do you have a raised need for omega 3, which supports our body function in so many ways and offers anti-inflammatory properties.

  • How well does your liver detoxify?

  • How well do you absorb Vitamin D from sunlight?

  • Are you a slow or fast metaboliser of caffeine and alcohol?

  • Do you have the gene expression that means you may have an added need for B vitamins to protect your heart?

  • Are your digestion issues down to a lactose intolerance, the sugar in milk?

  • Do you have a heightened predisposition to coeliac disease, the autoimmune condition linked to gluten?

By helping to understand how your genetic profile (or genotype) affects you , you can gain unparalleled insight and knowledge into helping you make the correct diet choices. Also most importantly your genes don't change, so this information will be with you for the rest of your life to use how you wish.

Each gene is comprised of multiple combinations of 4 letters ( A,C,T,G) that make up our genetic code. Each gene combines these letter in various ways to give our bodies the 'words' or instructions it needs to make the necessary proteins required for our bodies to develop and function. It is the small differences in the information our DNA contains that make each of us unique. Gene polymorphisms are slight changes in genetic codes which are present in at least one percent of the population. For example one 'genetic' letter (A,C,T,G) may be replaced by another. These polymorphisms can lead to different processes in the body. When the change only affects one letter it is called a Single nucleotide polymorphism or SNP.

The report therefore looks at your SNP's and genetic variants (known as alleles) these then correlate to the strength of association or sensitivity with each marker in the test. i.e. based on your genetic coding, how well does your body deal with carbohydrates or metabolise caffeine?

Of course this is not the complete picture when we are look at managing our health and wellbeing but as your DNA will never change it gives you a good blueprint and starting point from which to base your health and wellbeing decisions.

The test is a simple non invasive saliva test using a swabbing kit. The results usually take up to 3 weeks to come back to me and then you can book in for a follow up session to help you interpret the results.

Along with the test you receive a fully comprehensive report, breaking down information on each marker and a 3 month menu plan based on your ideal diet type using your DNA.

Your Genes cannot change but your lifestyle can!

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