Top 10 tips to keep healthy over the Christmas period

1. Try Propolis

Bees collect this 'powerhouse' substance from resin in trees and use it to protect the inside and outside of their hives from infection. It is antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal. Recognised as very beneficial supplement to support our immune system. Fantastic to take during the winter months it protective against colds , flu, coughs and sore throats and viruses.

2. Get your Vits!

Cranberries, clementine's, kiwi fruits, kale, red peppers, lemons and limes- you can't get too many vitamin C rich foods this time of year as they will keep your immune system strong. Add in a Vitamin C supplement alongside zinc for added support during the winter months.

3. Brussels Sprouts

Load your plate up with these super healthy veggies friends , rich in B Vitamins , and Vitamin C and they will really support your liver over the festive period as they help with liver detoxification!

4. Can't Sleep?

Did you know that as well as eating too much, we all fall asleep after Christmas dinner due to a relaxing sleep inducing natural chemical called 'tryptophan' which is contained in turkey. As well as ensuring you have some turkey leftovers to promote a good nights sleep, try a chamomile or night time blend herbal tea and try not to drink tea or coffee after 6pm as it can be stimulatory.

5. Walk, Walk, Walk

Keep mobile over the festive period and build in plenty of winter walks post dinner rather than slumping on the sofa. Just think 1 mince pie wil take 35 minutes to walk off!

6. Go Nuts!

A handful of nuts a day, unsalted and unroasted, is a very healthy snack rich in protein and good fats to keep you fuller for longer and help to stop you reaching for sugary snacks. These are a preferable choice to crisps or fat laden pastry based finger style foods anytime.

7. Good old leftovers!

Use all your leftover meat and veg to make a wholesome warming winter soup or stew. Throw all your meat and leftover chopped veg into a stockpot or slow cooker with a few herbs or spices and simmer until everything is cooked. For soup, blitz in a blender and freeze in portions. These will act as nutritious comforting and filling healthy meals on those cold January nights.

8. Dry this year?

Are you unable to drink this year maybe due to illness or pregnancy? Try this refreshing easy mocktail. Fill the bottom of a champagne glass with pomegranate juice top it up with sparkling mineral water add some freshly squeezed lime juice and ice. Delicious!

9. Too much rich food?

If you are feeing a little bloated and nauseous after to much rich food , try a peppermint or ginger tea. Peppermint is relaxing and helps calm the digestive system and ginger will help with nausea and the feeling of discomfort. Solgar's Comfort Zone can be helpful for your handbdag to take out with you before you eat out. The digestive enzymes and herbs in the product will help to make you more comfortable after eating rich foods.

10. Here's to your health?

Hurrah! Scientists have found that Champagne has the same health benefits as red wine, meaning that it contains antioxidants that reduce the effects of cell-damaging free radicals in the body.These antioxidants help to lower blood pressure so they reduce the risk of heart problems and strokes. They are also beneficial for circulation and brain heath. However only a couple of glasses a day as the health benefits can only be reaped if you drink in moderation, excessive drinking will far outweigh any good that the sparkling bubbly will do!


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