New!!! Ever wondered how much omega 3 & 6 you personally need to optimise your own health? Find

This is a new quick and easy convenient finger prick blood test to find out your own personal levels of Omega 3/6 in the blood and how much you personally need to restore and maintain good health.

Omega 3, the anti inflammatory essential fat, found naturally in oily fish such as sardines, anchovies, mackerel, fresh tuna, salmon and trout and nuts and seeds is so important for our body in lots of different ways. It is needed for many skin conditions, heart health, hormone balance, digestive health, joints, musculoskeletal pain/inflammation and more. So many clients say to me they have been taking it in supplement form for years or have recently been recommended it by their doctor but are still unsure how much they need to take to combat deficiency or to provide therapeutic support for a clinical condition such as arthritis or high cholesterol etc. If you don't oily fish and nuts and seeds on a regular basis you simply may not be getting enough for your own bodies needs. The amount of Omega 3 required per person is very difficult to tell because requirements are so unique to each individual and are influenced by a number of factors including diet and lifestyle. Dose guidelines on supplements are generalised and we cannot calculate how much we are getting through our food. The ratio of omega 3/6 and other inflammatory markers such as your AA to EPA ratio is also very important. This Opti O3 test provides a personalised detailed report based on your existing red blood cell levels in your body.

I can carry out both the test and the interpretation of results for you via 2 x 30 minute appointments 2/3 weeks apart from my private clinic. If you are interested in finding out more about this service then please do contact me via my website.

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