'Katie is without doubt  one of the best nutritionist presenters I have listened to and I have been to lectures of widely regarded ones. It was a joy to listen to a knowledgeable enthusiastic  practitioner who clearly wants to  inform.'  -Mrs Fern
'Katie was an excellent tutor and very knowledgeable'- Noelia

'Katie was very charismatic, energetic very friendly, patient and knowledgeable I would like to do more workshops with her'- Anne



'Katie has a real passion for nutrition. Her knowledge and enthusiasm has helped me to understand the power of food and how this relates to my own health . I would wholeheartedly recommend a  visit to Katie '- Lisa


'Katie the Nutritonist was very knowledgeable and helpful, she gave me exactly the kind of advice i was hoping to receive'- Vicky 



'Very much appreciate the information you gave today Katie, this was one of the best presentations we have attended'- Steve and Rosemary


'Many thanks once again you have inspired us into eating more healthily'- Jan


'' I just wanted to let you know what a huge difference I can see in Harry's skin already.
He has taken to changing his diet really well and we have managed to find lots of good alternatives. School has been a struggle, but we are getting there!'- Lisa


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your advice,you have kicked off some very positive changes in me'- Gary


'After we came to see you  and we made the dietary changes you suggested, she seems like a new little girl now thank you so much for all your help and advice'- Jackie





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